Me siento como en México

Medidas: ~80  x 82 x 62 cm. Measurements: ~ 31 x 32 x 24 in 

Peso: ~ 7 kg  Weight: ~ 16 lb Designed and made in México Design: Alejandra Anton Honorato

This chair is a singular design that draws the unmistakable profile of our beautiful country. It is a lounge chair made of iron wire, hand woven with wicker.

Original, very practical and comfortable. One armrest can be used as a tiny table.

The ideal gift for the nostalgic expat, who each time that finds something that reminds them of their land, sighs... “Me siento como en México"

La silla “Me siento como en México” es un peculiar diseño que dibuja el inconfundible perfil de nuestro bello país, tejida artesanalmente en mimbre sobre una estructura de alambrón. El regalo ideal para el nostálgico emigrante, que cada que encuentra algo que le recuerda a su patria deja escapar un suspiro: “Me siento como en México”. Original, muy mexicana, cómoda y práctica ya que se puede usar uno de los descansabrazos como una pequeña mesita de apoyo.


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Stories and anecdotes of the chair.


This chair lost in a design contest (Dimueble, 2013)  but Ana Elena Mallet saw it, and encouraged me to make it for its first exhibition. I make them because of her.

Was originally planned to be made on plywood, but I couldn't find anywhere to produce it on this technique.

I really liked the final result made of wicker.

Team Work

Alfonso Díaz V, my partner, besides making the 3D model of the concept, make the blue prints to make it in real life.

Thanks to his talent it went from an idea to a reality.

Me siento como Piñata

Original, pirate or piñata?

‘Me siento como en México’ was made as a piñata, in the exhibition of ¿Original, pirata or piñata? from Tony Macarena.

The exhibition was part of the 2019 Mexican Open Design (Abierto Mexicano de Diseño), and consisted of 20 iconic chairs in the history of Mexican design!

This curatorial project uses the piñata, to break with the constructions of icons and favorite fetishes of creativity (chair) and identity (Mexican).

It was exhibited at the Museum of Popular Art from October 9-20, 2019. Curators: Tony Macarena (Lorena Canales, Alejandro Olávarri) Maestra Piñatera: Cristina Amezcua.

From recycling to the gallery.

When the earthquake in 19 September 2017, in Mexico City, one of the windows of my office got shattered, I was pregnant then, I completely forgot to take care of that little hole in the window when my daughter has born, i completely forgot about it. 

We have a small backyard, and when our neighbors started to demolish their houses, a family of mice, decided to move to our house.

They entered by this small hole in the window, and make my office their new home.  To get rid of them was an horrible experience, everything was dirty and smelly. I decided change all the windows, and we MEGA-clean everything, we trow away some old materials, and even some of my school notebooks, and prototypes...

There, in one corner was the first prototype of the chair that my father made for me. I never liked much, because was heavy, and cold, and that day I was so into the Mary-Kondo philosophy, that I decided to take it to the recycling.

That same day, my father called me, to tell me that the smith that made the prototype chair have died. I didn't had the heart to tell him that I had just gave away the chair.

A few months latter, I received a mail of Trouvé Gallery, They have found it, and fixed it!.

Now they are my partners! and they produce and sell the new version of the chair, that have a very lovely quality and details.

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