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Early prototypes on the 'eye' exhibit at the children's museum 2015

An interaction on Frida Inmersiva, 2021

An interaction on Frida Inmersiva, 2021

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Case studies (in Spanish) about some of the most recent projects at

See on this link some of my research in different projects.

My master's thesis

My bachelor's thesis

Articles on design, typography, semiotics, and museums... 

Webinars and Podcasts where I had talk about UX (in spanish).

A Museum themed podcast, where I talked abut interactive exhibits (2022).

A video were my team and I, at the Technology department talk about this interactive exhibit.

A short webinar where I was invited to talk, as my host was promoting the online course of EBAC.

An EBAC event, where I talked about storytelling in immersive experiences.

Talking about art and technology at Women in Voice Week (2022).

A Q&A with EBAC where we (Alfonso Diaz & I) talked about UX (2022).

By Estudio A, where I was invited to participate and talk about design (2021).

Podcast interview with Julie García and Ivan Tree of a podcast of User experience (2021).



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I was invited to make a User Experience Online Course for EBAC México. I'm super exited to teach, in company of my partner, Alfonso Díaz

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