I appreciate all this people, for giving me a space to talk about my work and ideas. I'm very honored to have been invited to their podcasts and media platforms.

*All this interviews are on Spanish. (and one in french)

A Museum themed podcast, where I talked abut interactive exhibits (2022).

A video were the technology team talks about this exhibit (2021).

By Estudio A, where I was invited to participate and talk about design (2021).

Podcast interview with Julie García and Ivan Tree of a podcast of User experience (2021).

Interview with Gerardo Betancourt (2020) about my participation at CreativeMornings Mx.

By Blackbot (I start by the minute 34) 2019.

Interview with GutiNews (2019) (in french).

A super pregnant me, talking about a pj's project (2018).

With the great Ana Elena Mallet (2016).

A ver fun interview on my Conciencitas project (2009).

The first interview I had, on national TV! long long time ago (2009).