¡Hola! I’m Conciencitas

I am a user experience designer.

I build objects, games, and prototypes, and I like to get my hands dirty. I love organizing things (and events) and I enjoy fixing things.

I like to draw on my phone, I am a feminist, professional bread taster, plant lady, and mother.

Alejandra Anton Honorato

At the MUAC, by Ana Elena Mallet, my chair is exhibited in this collection. And is the 'image' of the expo!

14.05.2022 — 13.11.2022

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UX Course!

I was invited to make a User Experience Online Course for EBAC México. I'm super exited to teach, in company of my partner, Alfonso Díaz.

Registration is open now.

Cartelario 2022

Poster + Calendar (Postelar) that will help you see the whole year on a gaze. There are two different colors, and they are ready to get printed on 90 x 60 cm.

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sZona Maco 2022

The chair 'Me siento como en México' used as chair at the Licenciado Gallery (booth E119) at the Zona Maco, THE contemporary art fair in México, loaned by Trouvé Gallery.

UXMX podcast interview

A talk with Julie García and Ivan Tree of UXMX, a podcast of User experience in Spanish.

DIÁLOGOS DE DISEÑO podcast interview

Listen to the podcast ‘Diálogos de diseño‘ by Estudio A, where I was invited to participate and talk about design & emotions.


Is now showing in Foro Polanco (Moliere Theater). Go visit the exhibit, and tell me what you think about the interactions we designed!

You might know me for:

The most important project of my career: They are an antrophomorphic representation of the conscience as earrings, that sit on your ear.

They were super famous back in the early 2010’s. Appearing in multiple publications, and even in national TV!.

Sold out at the Destination Mexico Exhibit, hold in the NYC MoMA Design Store.

Plus, thanks to the Conciencitas, I got to meet my soulmate 💛

I designed the chair ‘Me siento como en México’ ( ‘I feel like in Mexico’), for a design contest, that I eventualy lost. …But it caught the eye of one of the judges, Ana Elena Mallet, who asked me if she could include it several exhibits that she curated, and in two design books that she wrote.

Now sells on Galería Trouvé

This chair has a lot of histories to tell!

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Also, I currently work as Head of UX at Cocolab International, a group of interdiciplinary teams, that create multimedia experiencies for museums, exhibitions and retail.

My job there includes being the voice of the ‘concience’ and user advocate. I conceptualice experiences and games. I make a lot of prototypes, I draw story boards, make flow charts, diagrams, and wireframes. Test things… I am sort of the bridge between designers and developers, and users.

One of our latest projects is Frida Inmersiva. Check it out!

I been part of awesome and inspiring communities:

First generation of the Women Index Community (2020)

Former Host of CreativeMornings Mexico City (2017-2020)
Volunteer and designer at TedX Tlalpan (2017,2019)

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