Proyects at Cocolab

Recently, the human resources department, asked me how many projects at Cocolab I have been part of.

And, they are quite a bit! Probably I'm forgotting some, because I lost my external memory archive, but this is the main list:


  • INBA / Interaction Design of story of Mexico City.

  • Museo del Barroco / Design for interactions at the museum (This project was abandoned by the client).

  • Pabellón de México en Milan/. Interaction Design

  • Aldea Diitial (2015-2017)

  • Siete colores (2015-2017) We did several interactive screens for children's museums. We also make projected interactives by hacking the Kinect.-

  • Mundo Corona / We did a lot of interactive concepts for this museum/experience. But it was never concluded by the client.




  • Frida Cancun / Storyboard illustrations

  • Playgrounds / Concept, Art, Storyboard illustrations

  • Foro Valparaíso / Interaction Design, Information architecture, User testing.


  • Banxico, Museo del dinero.

  • Frida (app and 2 interactive experiences) / Head of UX

  • Telcel 5G / Head of UX web app

  • Telcel CACs / Head of UX AR app.

  • LiDAR Internship / Head of UX

  • Clase Azul, Caminata entre Agaves / Head of UX

  • Clase Azul, Palacio de Hierro / Head of UX

  • Clase Azul, Brooklyn / Head of UX

  • StarCollector Cena Mágica Cobá / Head of UX

  • Biblioteca Papapya Playa / Head of UX

  • Show Monumento Revolución / Concept UX


  • Vive Mi Selección + Sponsorship Area / Head of UX

  • King Tut (app and interactive experience) / Head of UX, illustrator for the app.

  • Core Team / Head of UX

  • El día después/ Head of UX

  • Nutcracker / Head of UX

  • La Gran Carpa Luchatitlán / Head of UX

  • Cosmos app / Head of UX

  • Tulum Phyistech / Head of UX